SU Council Report

The first SU council meeting of the term covered a range of topics relating to the University. To start off the night, the Exec officers received questions from the floor, including queries regarding the role of Student Run Services, New Theatre’s developments on Jubilee campus as well as recent improvements in WIFI availability and cashpoints on campus.

Luke Mitchell, Democracy and Communications Officer, responded to questions from TEC to the re-organisation of Student Run Services, as well as recent changes to funding. Sam Hayward, President of New Theatre, also confirmed that the refurbished theatre, between the Hallward Library and the Portland building, would be finished within the next two weeks.  However, the planned building on the Jubilee campus has had to be postponed. It is hoped that the issues leading to this postponement will be overcome in the near future.

Education Officer, Matt Styles, reported that there should now be Wi-Fi available in “all major teaching areas”. The issue was raised that this goal has not yet been achieved as there are still some areas without Wi-Fi. In response to this Styles stressed that there would be further consultation making Wi-Fi extend to the whole of campus as soon as possible. Finally SU President, Amos Teshuva admitted that, despite it being a part of his manifesto, he has failed to address the presence of cash points. He aims to do so during the rest of the year.

There were further questions about the Derby campus, with students stressing that there has been a lack of area to socialise and relax in during the day due to the amount of people on the campus. Luke Mitchell confirmed that he would explore this issue further and also raised the issue that the SU should have a greater presence on satellite campuses.

Another issue that was raised was problems with the Sport Centre’s computer equipment, Jonny Bell the Athletic Union officer, commented that he was aware of the problem with the company commissioned  to do the work struggling with a heavy workload in the area and was currently looking into the issue.

Anil Parmer and Sian Green were both voted onto the election committee.

Hannah Kirby and Eddie Haynes


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