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Trailer Watch – 12/10/2012

Impact are here to bring you a weekly dose of the newest film trailers and viral content from across the Interwebs and the entire Twittersphere. This week has seen the release of four new trailers from some of the upcoming season’s most interesting releases…

Django Unchained

Get ready for the big payback, because Quentin Tarantino is all set to make a bombastic return with this revenge-thriller-meets-western. Jamie Foxx plays the titular freed slave, who takes a few lessons in bounty hunting from Christoph Waltz’s Dr. King Schultz in order to rescue his wife from the clutches of the nefarious francophile/plantation owner, Calvin Candie, played by Leonardo DiCaprio. This second full-length trailer gives us a better look at Foxx with phasers (read: revolvers) set to kill, as well as a brief glimpse of Jonah Hill’s supporting character. Django Unchained will be with us on 18th January 2013.



Of the two upcoming Alfred Hitchcock biopics (the other being HBO movie, The Girl), Hitchcock is by far the most intriguing. It promises to chronicle the difficult and controversy-ridden period of the great director’s career when he was trying to fund and build the project that would eventually become his masterpiece, Psycho. In this first trailer, we finally get a look at the inimitable Anthony Hopkins in full prosthetic get-up as the master filmmaker, complete with almost sound-alike voice. He’s joined by Helen Mirren as his long-suffering wife, Alma Reville and Scarlett Johansson as Psycho‘s enchanting leading lady, Janet Leigh. Hitchcock will be released on 8th February 2013.


Zero Dark Thirty

Is anyone else as excited for Kathryn Bigelow’s follow-up to 2008’s The Hurt Locker as I am? She returns to the genre that won her a well-deserved Oscar with Zero Dark Thirty, an action drama that chronicles the decade-long manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. In this new second trailer, we get a much better look at stars Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Joel Edgerton and Chris Pratt as they play soldiers and government officials who put their careers and lives on the line to track the Al-Qaeda leader down and kill him. Zero Dark Thirty will be released on 25th January 2013.


Gangster Squad

And finally, we have the new trailer for Gangster Squad, from Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland. This crime saga featuring an outstanding ensemble cast (Josh Brolin, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, anyone?) chronicles the story of a group of LA cops who go outside of the law to bring down a notorious mob boss during the 1940’s/50’s. Production on Gangster Squad was sadly stalled due to the tragic shootings in Colorado during the Dark Knight Rises premiere this July, as the film originally contained a similar scene taking place in a cinema. Reshoots were filmed, and this new trailer focuses more on introducing the individual characters and their very gravelly voices, with a few shootouts for good measure, of course. Gangster Squad will be released on 13th January 2013.

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