Aaron Calvert’s ‘Mind Games’ @ Nottingham Arts Theatre

Aaron Calvert is a third year medic from Nottingham University.  After three years of practicing the art of hypnotism, his new show Mind Games has landed at Nottingham Arts Theatre – and it’s definitely a night not to miss.

In the cosy backdrop of Nottingham Lace Market, Mind Games offers a night of intrigue, exceptional showmanship and many moments of unexpected humour. Aaron’s main inspiration when entering the industry was Derren Brown and his influence was very present throughout the show, however Mind Games offers a fresh and funny take to this kind of performance;  his aim to create a fun ‘game’ for the audience was what inspired the title for his showcase. He combined awe inspiring mind manipulations and humorous audience participation to create a fast moving performance, keeping us (literally) locked to our seats!

One of the more ambitious moments of the show involved Aaron attempting to hypnotise the entire audience. Even if you yourself are not placed under his spell, you are still guaranteed a good giggle watching your fellow audience members helplessly biding to his every will. Due to the random nature of selecting participants,  Aaron tells us that each night will be different, so you never know what to expect!

When meeting Aaron after the show, we discovered he is a very likeable guy who believes that confidence and an ease with people are paramount when considering a career on stage. He encourages anybody who is considering such a life-style to talk to him, admitting that he himself had no professional training, but instead took an interest to the  human psychology of those around him, and the influence he could have on them.

Unsurprisingly, Aaron’s skills as a hypnotist have not been confined to his professional stage performances. He admits to having some fun with his helpless house mate during his time at university. He goes on to tell us that for at least a month, his friend cheered after finishing each bowl of cereal. Despite this, he promises to have never used his talents to pick up girls!

After Mind Games  has completed its three day run, he has secured a contract to allow him to tour Britain and the United States after graduation. This young, talented man is bound to rise to fame in the future.

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