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Activism 2012: Making Change Happen

On 3rd November, Goldsmiths, University of London, hosted Activism 2012; an event organized by students for students and one of the most important occurrences of the year led by the National Student Union. The aim of the day was to bring together student activists from across the country for a range of a huge range of workshops, talks, discussions, documentaries and debates. Several universities, including Nottingham University, organised buses for students who had signed up to attend the free event.

Almost 100 people attended the event, which although not a large number is big enough to make a difference. The great changes that occurred in history were all accomplished by a minority that had the courage to set the ball rolling.

Activism 2012 is a sure sign that politics still rouses young people’s interest, inspiring them to make a change and be the change they want to see. This meeting represented a chance for students from all over England to debate and discuss several topics, such as environment, public service cuts, sexual and race equality, the role of women, poverty, local communities and global justice.

Students were given the opportunity to share their own views and take the lead role. It was not just an occasion for debating, but much more than this. They could suggest solutions and put forward their own ideas to tackle the current crisis and reach a hypothetical conclusion; a proactive approach rather than a passive one.

At the core of the event was the idea of a contemporary crisis of economy, politics and collective imagination. Most of the main organizations that occupy this territory took part in the event, explaining how they work and what their main aims are. Suggestions about how to deal with these controversial issues on campus as well as in private life, were put forward and everybody was persuaded by the necessity to make a change in their own small way, paving the way for a bigger transformation.

From my perspective, all the people who attended the meeting went back to their own lives with a deeper motivation for leaving their mark and making a difference. In the end, Activism 2012 was an exemplary event that reminded to us all that we actually can do something to improve the current situation and that we all shape history taking our own choices.

Erica Doro

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