Live Review: The Cast of Cheers (NME Generation Next Tour), Rescue Rooms (29/10/12)

Sound checking their own gear, The Cast of Cheers took to the raised stage at Rescue Rooms for the NME Generation Next Tour to broken unexpected applause.

The Dublin quartet have a misshaped, mismatched NME mid-noughties sound, which comes together in rip roaring distorted harmony. These four unlikely lads, recently named by NME as being “the perfect band for 2012”, are an indie mashup of The Maccabees stacatto riffs, throbbing basslines and Kele Okereke-esque punchy vocals. Is this entirely a negative? Not at all. Onstage, we saw that The Cast of Cheers are a different animal to that which spins on our record players. The bass made the body throb and the sometimes over-elaborate solos bellowed well beyond this weary support-slot.

Kicking things off with the lyrically jovial ‘Human Elevator’, the foursome, led by salient frontman Conor Adams, really proved themselves as radio-perfect indie. They were an incontestably tight unit, canoning vocals from all corners, with malicious bass contrasting with the chorus’ dreamy reverb. Astoundingly energetic, the fourpiece bounced around the place as Adams looped riff after riff, and the guitars built throughout their rather short set. The foot-tapping ‘Trucks at Night’, a track halfway between Vampire Weekend-esque strumalongs and a powerful chorus, was a high point midway through the set. The band subsequently ran into ‘Poce Mit’, as Adams (surprisingly successfully) attempted his very best Kele Okereke (of Bloc Party) impersonations. The first time we saw any sort of slip-up was as the band rifled into ‘Family’, when Adams struggled to render the intricate scaling riff. However, his tight and competent bandmates pulled together and the track became the stand-out track of the night.

I must say, that this may have been the loudest and robust support act I had seen in a long while. Whilst they left a lasting impression on my ear drums, I do worry whether they will make such loud noises when riding on the back of the likes of The Vaccines. Only time will tell.

Adam Keyworth

…Adam has been listening to Tame Impala – Elephant…


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