Naughty Nottingham

We came, you confessed, we copied it down into our notepads.

In awe of Nottingham’s previous scandalous shenanigans, IMPACT’S curiosity braved the rain and bitter weather to bring you the latest disclosures of filthy frivolities. One might scold you for such terrible behaviour but where’s the fun in that?

Ocean is home to one of the biggest student nights of the week. Whilst a good time at the Big O is certain for all, IMPACT was determined to go one further and preserve the secrets you told us you’d rather forget.

“In Rugby tryouts I had to stick my finger up another guy’s bum”

“I went home with a random guy. He made me eggs and bacon and then I ran away”

“I was found after a night out face down in a snow drift with my pants down”

“One time someone was going down on me and was sick.  I told them to clean it up and carry on”

“Last time we were here, I peed in the queue”

“She slept with a PROPER GINGE on holiday this summer!”

“I traded a BJ for some OJ…”

“I got drunk once and jumped into a lake to try and hug a duckling”

“Once I ran across campus to my boyfriend’s house wearing nothing but a coat”

“I was drunk and tried to break into a girl’s room. It’s not what it sounds like.”

“My friend had sex on her period because she was THAT desperate!”

“I didn’t pay for my URN membership”



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