‘No More Page 3’ Demo in Nottingham

On Saturday 17th, No More Page 3 staged a protest in Nottingham city centre to speak out against the use of topless models in newspapers.

Starting at The Approach, the group made their way down to Market Square where they stood outside the Council House, bearing signs saying “No More Page 3” and “Boobs Aren’t News”.

The protesters held a demonstration and a petition signing in an attempt to persuade The Sun editor, Dominic Mohan, to stop including images of topless models in the paper.

Amy May, a biology lecturer in Sheffield, told Impact that, “We’re here today because it’s the 42nd anniversary of Page 3. The basic message is that we don’t think that a topless image of women is a suitable for a daily newspaper, it’s not relevant. Just like you wouldn’t have images of topless women in the six o’clock news, we shouldn’t have it in the newspaper”.

“There is the issue of it objectifying women but it’s more about the appropriateness of it being in the newspaper. We’re not trying to stop all topless images, we’re not trying to take away women’s rights to do topless modelling, we just don’t think that it’s an appropriate place for the image”, May added.

When questioned about recent comments from Emma Kuziara, a glamour model from the University of Nottingham, who said that “if you really are against [Page 3], just don’t buy those papers,” May responded that, “The thing is that, with The Sun newspaper in particular, it’s the largest selling newspaper in the country. You don’t have to buy it to be exposed to images; it’s on bus seats, it’s in cafes, it’s in pubs.”

Lisa Clarke, a nursing specialist at QMC, said that, “Many of the other newspapers have stopped printing these kinds of images back in the 80s. We realise that it is the tip of the iceberg about objectifying women in the press in general and there are lots of other campaigns that are dealing with the broader picture and have already had quite a lot of success with things like lap dancing licences.”

“We think that this is one image that perhaps we could get rid of that would send a big message to the rest of the media about what is an acceptable way to portray women in a world where we’re running companies, we are getting gold medals in the Olympics. We’re doing really well and yet we still have women represented with a giant picture of a young lady in just her pants and that’s not appropriate, not anymore”.

“There are several universities now which have banned Page 3 from their campus,” Clarke added, “It’s that kind of thing that is going to make a difference, a great big signal to the younger generation”.

Alice Jones and Ellis Schindler

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  • Peter Jones
    19 November 2012 at 12:58
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    I guess the Sun belives that this is what its readers’ want – perhaps they should try going without a page three model and test the water. If there is no impact on circulation then perhaps they will be more amenable to requests to drop it.

  • Dave J
    21 November 2012 at 10:41
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    I don’t think it’s for a biology lecturer in Sheffield to tell me what’s relevant to me and what’s not, to be honest.

    I cringed when I read Lisa Clarke’s comment that “We’re doing really well” – last I checked women were individuals too – unless of course they’re being objectified, in which case it’s much more reasonable to lump them all into one massive group and say something like “We’re doing really well”.

    All has a whiff of Moynihan’s Law about it.

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