Obama: The Best Is Yet To Come

On 6th November, the United States announced Barack Obama as their forty-fourth President, giving Obama a second term. Although the Presidential race had been tight for a number of weeks, it was clear that America had to make a simple decision; they could either go back fifty years, with Romney’s outdated social policies, or move forward with Obama. They are now moving in the right direction with the right man. The best is yet to come.

There are many opinions over the success of Obama’s first four years in office, especially the first one hundred days. During his first term, the economy suffered and unemployment is at a high. However, just a few days before the election, there seemed to be a slight improvement which was a significant advantage to Obama’s credibility. Obama still accomplished some incredibly important things during the last four years, both domestically, such as reforming health care, and in foreign policy, for example in finding Al-Qaeda mastermind, Osama Bin Laden.

The major question now is what Obama is going to do with the next four years? He has regained control of Congress, and with the Democrats being in the majority it should be easier for Obama to pass through his legislation. This contrasts to the past two years when the Republicans had control of the House. Obama now has to prove to the American people that he deserved their votes. He has promised the people that with four more years he can follow through on all the pledges he once made. There is however one crucial issue that Obama needs to work on immediately. The economy.

The Democrats have vowed that their policies will bring America out of this economic darkness and into the light. They blame the Republicans’ traditions of favouring the rich and cutting their taxes as a major catalyst to the problem. Obama has promised throughout his campaign that those who earn more than a quarter of a million a year should pay more taxes; a topic that he reiterated just a few days after being re-elected, to remind the public he would fulfil his promises. Former President George Bush enacted a tax cut for all incomes which expires in January and Obama promises that this will continue for those who don’t make a substantial amount annually, but not for the wealthy. Many Republicans argue that this policy will in fact worsen the economy, a concept that does not seem to make arithmetic sense as it seems clear that those who earn the most should pay a higher tax. We will have to hold our breaths until January to see if Obama follows through on his promise and if the Republicans are able to accept the policy.

What is necessary for America to move forward is for the Democrats and the Republicans to work together for the better of the country. In his concession speech, Mitt Romney spoke of how the parties need to communicate together in order to make a difference in the country. Obama has also addressed this but it is clear that the divide in Congress does not help the country, nor does it seem likely to fade away. After the Republicans regained control of the House two years ago, it was harder, almost impossible, for Obama to pass his bills. Now that Obama has regained control, there is no longer any excuse for him not to keep his promises and make a difference, especially during the first two years of his second term.

After his victory, Obama attempted to reassure the American people that they had made the right decision in re-electing him as President. With another four years, he promised the American people that they will get there; that they are on a journey together, with a lot of work ahead, but they will get there. It was impossible for Obama, in four years, to make a significant difference and turn the country around completely due to the major problems he had inherited from the George W. Bush administration and having to deal with a failing economy. The people of the United States made the right decision in voting Obama for a second term. He will achieve his goals now that he control of the House.

Kiran Dhaliwal

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  • Ben
    14 November 2012 at 07:53
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    But the GOP still has a majority in the House of Representatives. The American people essentially voted for a status quo as far as that was concerned. I think that Obama was the best candidate to lead the US forward (to pardon the pun) but it won’t be any easier for him to enact his policies than it was before – you can expect plenty of attempted fillibustering by the Republicans before the next Congressional elections.

    The fiscal cliff is vital for Obama. If he can avoid that then he can be much bolder in pursuing an aggressive policy of change. Who knows, he might even managed to close Guantanmo Bay this time…

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