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SU Safe Taxi Scheme

A Free Ride Home… At a Cost.

The SU has set up a ‘Safe Taxi Scheme’ with DG Taxis, in order to offer students, who have run out of money on a night out, a safe way to get home.

University of Nottingham students will need to call DG and quote the scheme, in order for the SU to cover the cost of their ride home.

Upon collection, the taxi driver takes note of their passenger’s student number before issuing a receipt, which needs to be taken to the SU office within a week to settle the costs. Fitted cameras inside the taxis will also help to confirm passenger’s identity. Students who have lost their student card will still be able to use the system.

The morning after the night before, the SU will receive an email, listing the students who have used the scheme and will contact everyone to check that all is well and to remind you to come and give them the money.

Lorna Stone

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