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The Showcase: Ignorance, Incompetence and iPhones

The HTC ONE x or the LG Optimus 4x, Synonyms if you’re a consumer noob jumping on the wagon of hype, expose frontiers of a crowded phone market. Apple, with their overpriced yet under-specced phones continue to dominate the industry’s demand, but what’s all the fuss really about? Remain hipster and you’ll be in for a treat.

Put into perspective, the opportunity cost for an iPhone means passing up the equivalent of a lad’s holiday. Tech noobs beware – your maintenance loan is not worth depletion over Apple’s latest release. Why should you, instead, be strapping it to the Apollo 14 and waving goodbye? The reason stems from the demise of the company’s CEO, Steve Jobs. Following Tim Cook’s succession there has been stagnant innovation from a company which seemingly had it all. A series of miscarriages is slowly diminishing Apple’s supremacy and allowing the likes of HTC, Nokia, Samsung and Sony to swoop in and reap the rewards.

It’s not uncommon to notice brands usually seen on television sets appearing on the back of your mobile devices. Technology is improving exponentially. Powerhouses of the market are the ones that can keep up, adapt to change and most importantly have the reserves of capital; it’s not overnight you can create the perfect phone. Many factors need to be considered – or in Apple’s case, overlooked.

A single gadget trumping the entirety of Microsoft – should consumers be worried of a zesty Apple monopoly? Well the answer is no; simply put – its competition is exceptional. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has already sold over 30 million units, not much of a surprise with their aureate advertisement campaigns, sponsoring the Olympics and slandering Apple in an awe of witticism. And with Microsoft’s launch of Windows 8, the first operating system to be harmonious amongst all platforms, even Jenna Jameson could blow the Apple tree to the ground.

You may think there’s been an unjustified beating of Apple – so let’s validate this exacerbation. Why exactly was the release of their latest consumer product not worth getting your wires in a twist? The geniuses have provided a bigger screen so an additional row of pointless icons can now be identified on the home screen. Furthermore an A6 processor, the same as the iPad 3, has been fitted. Thank you for another dual-core in a market of quads, Timmy boy. Which brings me to my last and final point.

Maps is the child of a nasty divorce between two of the world’s most powerful companies, and has the industry observers trying to understand how Apple could enter the mobile maps market so late with a product so bad. Let me close with a testament of simple chronological economics. 19th September – iPhone 5 is released. 26th September – Apple shares lose 4.5% of their value – doesn’t sound like a lot? Say goodbye to $30bn.

Apple – the forbidden fruit of Eden. Take another bite, sinful consumer, and remain in 4G purgatory.

Adil Manji

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  • Eddie Haynes
    2 November 2012 at 15:38
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    whilst agree that Apple hasn’t quite been the same since Steve Jobs left. I think predicting apples demise is a little premature, truth is whether you like it or not a hell of people are going to continue buying their products for a long time to come. Personally I think Google is Apples biggest rival, Windows has arrived very late in the game allowing both Google and Apple a massive head start on providing mobile software. I also find hard to believe that a large proportion of Microsoft’s target market being PC Gamers and business’s men are going to embrace windows 8 when it appear’s to be mainly designed for tablets and mobiles. Whilst the iphone 5 does have some major niggles, I reckon from the anti apple tone of the article if it was made by Samsung you would be praising, it’s slim design and high resolution screen, also not that I do very often but I imagine if you like watching movies on your phone, the change in aspect ratio that the iphone provides would be quite a nice feature- as other tech commentators have been pointing out- its not just for a extra row of icons. Btw before I am accused of anything I am not a apple fan boy or isheep- I actually own a HTC phone. Just felt the need to make a few points.

  • Eddie Haynes
    2 November 2012 at 15:40
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    *business men and women

  • Rahul
    5 November 2012 at 14:01
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    Blad like this is too much. Your words are so powerful. Bun Apple!

  • Adil
    14 November 2012 at 00:23
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    I am not stating the demise of Apple is imminent in the sense that it will go out of business any time soon. What I am saying however, is this; Apple is going to lose market share in the near future. Products such as Windows 8 will steal consumers away. However the point of this article states simply the opposite of what you’re saying. People will continue to buy Apple products, regardless of adequate competition- deeming so called consumers ‘ignorant and incompetent’ – as the title suggests.

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