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UoN Glamour Model Hits Out Against Page 3 Campaign

Glamour model and University of Nottingham student, Emma Kuziara, has spoken out against a campaign to ban topless models from Page 3 of The Sun, which has rapidly gained support over the past few months.

The ‘No More Page 3’ campaign began over the summer when actress and writer Lucy Holmes wrote to The Sun, expressing her disappointment that page 3 models were given more space in the newspaper than medal-winning female athletes during the Olympics.

Holmes appealed to editor of The Sun, Dominic Mohan, saying “enough is enough”, and told him to “stop conditioning [his] readers to view women as sex objects.”

She went on in her letter to argue, “George Alagiah doesn’t say, ‘And now let’s look at Courtney, 21, from Warrington’s bare breasts,’ in the middle of the 6 O’ Clock News.

“Philip and Holly don’t flash up pictures of Danni, 19, from Plymouth, in just her pants and a necklace, on This Morning”.

Holmes’ campaign has rapidly gained support over the past few months. Over 40,000 people have signed the petition to ban Page 3 girls and the campaign has attracted backing from several MPs, as well as newspaper columnist, Caitlin Moran.

Kuziara, however, has spoken out against the campaign, saying, “I just don’t see why it would harm anyone.

“If you don’t want to look at it, that’s fine, just skip the page. It’s become one of the main features of the paper and to get rid of it just seems a bit pathetic really.”

The nineteen-year-old Sociology student, from Derby, has been modelling since she was sixteen, and has posed for a range of publications including The Sun, The Daily Star, The Sport, Nuts and Zoo Magazine.

Emma has featured as a page 3 girl in The Daily Star six times and, according to Zoo, she is one of ‘Britain’s sexiest students’.

Emma believes that the majority of people who buy The Sun buy it to look at the infamous Page 3, and said that, “if you really are against it, just don’t buy those papers.”

Antonia Paget

Additional reporting by Hannah Murray and Emily Tripp

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  • Jena
    6 December 2012 at 23:56
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    How can you say don’t like don’t buy , as these images are left on a family table , in takeaways , on trains in the supermarket , sometimes the first page has been turned , so the image is seen. As a kid my dad brought this paper and left it on the table after work , I use to get a felt red pen and put nipples on all my dolls. When I was in my teens I thought I would get breast like the model , to my disappointment I did not , and 30 years on still feel uncomfortable with my breasts . These images gives out the wrong picture to boys men , women come in all shapes and sizes not just one mould . I still feel uncomfortable when on the bus or train men comment , cor the size of them , what they would like to do later with here etc, . On the breakfast shows if they have to show a comment on page 3. , then they have to cover up the girl , why its family viewing , these images should be in a mens/lads. Mag on the top shelf , out of reach from children . The days of hippy , Benny Hill, sexism , should be over , this is 21st century women have moved on and boobs are not news . Women feel ashamed to breastfeed why because of these images . Years on I still feel trapped by page 3 as my dad still buys this paper ,my ex brought it , now my partner , although if he brings the paper home it goes straight in the bin as I do not want my children to see it.

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