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Hotel Opens On Uni Park Campus

The construction of The Orchard Hotel on University Park Campus is now open to the public. The project began in summer 2011 and was officially opened this month.

The building comprises of 202 bedrooms as well as  a restaurant, bar and lounge area.  Here, you are able to eat classic English dishes or get a light snack or cocktail from the bar, with prices ranging from £3 to £15.

The hotel’s other facilities include a gym and fitness room, additional parking space and meeting rooms. The £20 million scheme, funded by the University, will provide accommodation for visitors to the University and will complement the East Midlands Conference centre.

Kirstie Danzey, Marketing Manager of The Orchard Hotel, told Impact that the hotel’s bulk market will come from conference centre users.  However, it will also be used by visitors of the University including alumni, and families and friends of students.

From the beginning the hotel was aiming to achieve an ‘Excellent’ rating under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM).  The design of the building itself is integral to the hotel’s eco-friendly ethos with the use of various technologies such as solar panels, ground sourced heat technology and a low-energy assisted heating and ventilation system.

The building is designed to reflect the landscape of Uni Park Campus. Corrie Jones, the designer of the hotel, explained that the building was “inspired by the university’s parkland setting”.

The price per night to stay at the hotel ranges from £40 at the weekend, including breakfast, to £65 for a mid-week booking. People associated with the University will receive preferred rates, and the income derived from the hotel will be put back into the University. The hotel has also opened up job opportunities in the local community.

Danzey described the hotel as “something quite unique”, not only because of its focus on the environment but also because it is one of a kind, with few other Universities’ providing such a high class facility.  With the completion of this eco-friendly build, the University of Nottingham continues develop its sustainable reputation.

Issy Benedict

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    Is the hotel restaurant & bar open to students and/or their families not staying in it?

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