Impact Music’s Advent Calendar Playlist #3: Elvis Presley – ‘Blue Christmas’

Once the gifts have been ripped open, the dinner demolished and a food coma is beginning to set in, there’s nothing quite like some festive fifties music while you sink into the sofa. Elvis Presley’s version of ‘Blue Christmas’ is a chilled rock-n-roll Christmas classic, recorded back in 1957 and released  seven years later.

Laden with the charm of Presley’s smooth and distinctive vocals, this version of ‘Blue Christmas’ is a sweet and nostalgic track for any Christmas playlist. The song laments over loneliness on Christmas, characteristic of both Presley and the genre itself, and has all the bows and ribbons of a long-loved classic from the 1950s – from the softly crackled recording to the chorus of harmonising backing singers throughout.

So, if you’re not quite ready for the big-haired and glittery sight of Wizzard just yet, perhaps Elvis Presley can lull you into a festive mood instead?

Kamiah Overaa

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  • Trinovantian
    4 December 2012 at 19:26
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    One of Elvis Presleys greatest Christmas songs! Or rather one of his greatest songs!
    Get the album.

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