Impact Music’s Advent Calendar Playlist #8: Low – ‘Just Like Christmas’

Admittedly, something of an anti-Christmas song (“You said ‘It was like Christmas’/ But you were wrong/ It wasn’t like Christmas at all”), this quiet and slightly somber song is the mince pie and Mulled wine at midnight on Christmas Eve to Mariah Carey’s Turkey dinner on Christmas day.

The sliding, hazy organ, jingle bells & the exuberance (by Slowcore behemoths, Low’s standard) imbues an understated joy to the song. I like the simplicity and the fact that Low realize that not every single second of Christmas has to be saturated with overwrought good will.

Taken from their album, Christmas, at only half an hour long it makes for relaxing listening and a welcome break from the overly in-your-face sweetness of Wizard and Slade. Twee as folk, the liner notes simply say “Despite the commerce involved, we hope you will consider this our gift to you”.

Ben James


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