Live Review + Interview: The Other Tribe, Bodega (10/12/12)

Once again bringing their irresistible fusion of indie and dance music to Nottingham’s Bodega, The Other Tribe had the crowd dancing from the first beat until the final chord on their first headline tour.

Opening with a new unreleased song, the six piece took to the stage for what would be sixty minutes of well-organised chaos. The Tribe have an interesting and unique way of playing live shows: like other indie bands, they play and sing live, but they combine this with elements you’d expect from a DJ set: sampling, synths and tracks that flow seamlessly into the next. This is not a task for the faint-hearted, with no pauses between songs for both the band and the audience to catch their breath.

Despite not having yet released an album, The Other Tribe already have an impressive list of singles that had the entire crowd captivated. ‘Sing With Your Feet’ transported the crowd back to festivals over the summer, ‘I Don’t Need No Melody’ had fans singing all the words, and their most notorious release, ‘Skirts’, left no member of the crowd standing still. Even the songs that no one had heard of previously had everyone jumping around, and if this taster is anything to go by, then their upcoming album will not disappoint.

Ending on ‘Businessman on Diazepam’, lead singer James and bassist Miles threw themselves into the crowd for the duration of the song, once again showing the energy that the band put into their performances. The song ended and the band left the stage, leaving the audience wondering how the last hour had gone by so quickly.


Before the show, I spoke to James and Miles about the tour, their influences and their plans for the next year.

What are the best parts about being on tour?

M: Playing to fans! Particularly being able to talk to the fans afterwards, everyone is really friendly.

J: We’ve had a few special guests in the crowd, such as Andy from Hollyoaks and an Everton football coach – who said he warms up to ‘Skirts’! It’s been really great so far.

Which do you prefer, festivals or touring in smaller venues?

M: Festivals! If we didn’t love festivals then we wouldn’t have done 4 sets in one day at Bestival. Also at festivals you can see the entire site from the stage, the stage is larger, also we get to attract new fans and many then see us on tour, too.

J: We fit in at festivals – the tribal theme and face paint means that everyone can get involved. That’s been happening at our gigs too, there are always people at the front wearing face paint, which is nice. Also we get to jump into the crowd, which makes it more personal. If a gig is good then it’s special for both the band and the audience, but at festivals people get more into the music and so we bounce off the crowd’s energy.

Which bands would you say have been your main influences?

J: At the very beginning it was probably Soulwax. We’ve all got our different influences and preferences within the band.

M: We’re more inspired by house and dance music production-wise, particularly The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy.

What bands are you enjoying at the moment?

J: I really like the new Yeasayer album. Also a lot of house music, particularly the Bristol scene at the moment, like Julio Bashmore, Eats Everything and so on.

You seem to interact with fans a lot over the internet, would you say this is important?

J: Definitely, we talk with our fans through facebook, twitter, tumblr. Sometimes we’ll instagram pictures of our breakfast too!

M: It’s important to keep in contact with fans through social media – you have to these days. It makes the fans feel more connected to us.

This year you’ve been extremely busy, with single releases, festivals and now a UK tour – what are the plans for next year?

J: Our album will probably be released in the spring sometime. We’d then like to tour the album pretty soon after release, so that’ll probably take us straight into festival season. We’ve already been booked for Beat-Herder next year so that’s exciting.


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