Live Review: The Milk, Rescue Rooms (26/11/12)

With cheeky lyrics and an interactive manner, The Milk spread the likeable and positive rhythms of their songs over the Nottingham crowd on Monday 26thNovember.

Existing since the year 2000, the band have just released their debut album and waiting for so long proved to be worth it. Even though some would classify The Milk as pop rock, it is hard to define them as a genre, considering the diverse palette of the music directions appearing in their songs. The jazz tension of their sound probably set the roots of the identifying The Milk as RnB in its most literal sense of Rhythm and Blues, but it is hard to think of them as an RnB act knowing the associations the genre engages nowadays.  The soul vocals clash with experimental rhythms, whilst the rock’n’roll melodies and attention to the roles of the guitars during the act do not let the Milk to be associated with the genre of pop music. It is perhaps even impossible to set the band into brackets of any music direction, so in order to avoid the confusion we shall define The Milk as simple listenable and positive music.

This Monday night The Milk made the night particularly special with their driving energy and flowing melodies. They won the sympathy of the audience in Rescue Rooms with guitar solos, alternating experimenting rhythms and truly excellent vocals. When describing their performance it is impossible not to mention the undeniable talent of the lead singer: the unique and attractive timbre of his voice and the high notes combined well with the catchy themes of their melodies.

The evident cheesiness of their lyrics might make The Milk seem simplistic: “every time we fight, we get a little stronger” or “at least we know what we stand for” etc. Nevertheless, the positive and understandable messages of the songs worked well with the interactive manner of their stage behavior. The sugary themes of their songs fitted the moment perfectly when, unexpectedly, all the listeners started singing along to the choruses of every song played on the stage. Indeed the charm of the quartet simply could not be ignored. The band kept both a modest and a sophisticated attitude throughout by being frequently thankful to the listeners for attending their concert, commenting on the outfits of some, pointing at the best dancers in the crowd and enthusiastically asking everyone to spread the word of good music.

Being so naturally very down to earth and so inspiring at the same time The Milk got the best response from everyone in the room. In the end, it was just a great pleasure to listen to The Milk’s united professional musical expression, which certainly gained them some new fans from Nottingham.

Katya Kyrychenko

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