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Not Ye Oldest Trip?

The quest to find the oldest pub in England continues after new evidence about the buildings themselves was unearthed.

Three of the contenders for the accolade can all be found in Nottingham: Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, the Salutation Inn and the Bell Inn. They have long fought over which is the oldest pub in England and, until recently, Ye Olde Trip was considered to be the best contender.

However Dr. David Cross, who has studied the history of Nottingham for over 20 years, has discovered new evidence that disproves this.

Dr. Cross said, “Knowing the identity of the oldest pub is almost impossible, so I focused on the age of the buildings themselves”.

His research found that the Trip’s building is over 200 years younger than the others, which could be seen by investigating the age of the timber used in the construction of all three pubs.

When Impact asked Al Brown, the manager of Salutation Inn, what he thought about the situation, he said that although the building of the Trip was not the oldest, it could potentially still be the oldest pub.

“In regard to being used as a pub, Ye Olde Trip might be the oldest, but because the building has been renovated it is not the actual oldest [building]. I know we’re not the oldest pub because we’ve only been used as a pub since the 1400s,” he said.

Brown added that the Salutation “didn’t really care that much” because “if people want to come in they come in”.

A Greene King spokesperson said: “We have always had reason to believe that Ye Olde Trip in Nottingham is the oldest pub in the city due to anecdotal stories given. Since there is not any formal evidence or documentation to prove otherwise, the oldest pub in Nottingham is, and always will be, a popular discussion held at the bar.”

Customers at Ye Olde Trip were adamant that it was the oldest of the three. When asked about the changes, regular Trip customer Ian Crane, 37, stated that the new evidence was “bollocks”.

He stated: “This is the oldest pub, because the bloke who did the crusades hundreds of years ago stopped here for a drink before he went down south. That’s gospel.”

He added: “I’ve been puking up in here for 22 years”.

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