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Review – The Snowman and The Snowdog

So it turns out a snowdog is also not just for Christmas but for life! Got many a pair of socks this Christmas? Well, The Snowman and The Snowdog, Hilary Audus’ sequel to Raymond Briggs 1982 Christmas classic, teaches you how to put them to good use.   

For the purpose of this review I watched the half hour special twice and I must say this loveably strong but silent Snowman has done well for himself. He does not look a day older than when he first burst onto our screens…unless he has secretly succumbed to the Hollywood tradition of undergoing a casual bit of plastic surgery that is!

I must admit, with this being a sequel, I did not have high hopes for the continuation of The Snowman story. It might have been the ludicrously high amount of chocolate to blood ratio levels or maybe I had just been possessed by the Christmas spirit but when watching this new adventure I felt that spark of excitement a four year old gets around this festive time.

As far as the plot goes, the Snowman’s new companions provided a touching back story of loss and hope, a hint of nostalgia and a bittersweet ending. The underlying danger, the threat of the melt, was a foreboding motif throughout, provoking a few ‘oh no’s’ from us powerless folk witnessing the action from our sofas.

Taking his snowdog for a walk in the air, the little boy in this tale lives out a similar experience that the Snowman first shares with his friend in the previous film (except I don’t remember the Snowman stealing a plane in the original!) With the frivolous gathering of snow men and women at a snow fair, I particularly enjoyed the personalised touch given to each snow person; my favourite being the snow woman braving the cold in her risqué coconut bra and hula skirt!

The only criticism I would give is that the final animation transformation from snowdog into all breathing all living canine was nowhere near as cutely drawn as the little snow version of the dog! What happened to the socks ears?! Maybe the musical backdrop for this version will not become as iconic as the original soundtrack but it is pretty much guaranteed that when the post Christmas snow season arrives a poor bunch of kids will be sitting by their freshly made snowdog waiting for it to come to life.

A special guest appearance from Santa Claus himself, The Snowman and The Snowdog brings out the big guns in this magical tale and I say why stop with this sequel? There is so much potential to start an annual ‘Snowman and the…’ series; a few suggestions being The Snowman and The Snow Wife or The Snowman and The Snowson or The Snowman and The Snow Doctor. Maybe then we will finally get to see a happy ending for the Snowman himself as I can safely say that when he inevitably melted at the very end, many a heart across Britain melted with him.

Kiran Benawra

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    Impact, i can’t hardly wait for more Snowman adventures on the way!

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