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Holiday Sex: Who Cheats More, Guys or Girls?

Have you ever wondered what happens on those boozy, reckless holidays in Magaluf? Perhaps it’s best not – our survey reveals that 15% of University of Nottingham students would cheat on their partner while abroad, if they knew they could get away with it!

And watch out – according to our readers, men are 10 times more likely to stray!

Hundreds of Notts students also offered shock confessions, ranging from secret snogs to full-blown holiday romances – while their partners sat at home! You have to read it to believe it!

One source explains how an argument between a once-loving couple on the shores of Cancun led to the guy shacking up with the girl’s best friend. The insider told us: “When the door opened we saw handcuffs on the floor and the girl’s back covered in scratches – it was kinky, kinky sex!”

Another source told Implode: “I know a couple who agreed that if a boy got his girlfriend an expensive present, he was allowed to cheat on her! They had been together for nearly a year.”

Most of our testimonials were about cheating boyfriends (sorry, lads!). According to our survey, 40% of Notts students believe men are more likely to cheat than women, compared to just 4% of women. But is there truth to this?

Women are far from innocent when it comes to holiday sleaze. Michaela from North London admits she ‘almost’ cheated on her partner while abroad. “I was on a trip with college and I flirted with a guy all week, stayed in their (sic) room a lot and even slept in the same bed! We almost did stuff but I said no at the last second.”

Still, she insists she has ‘no regrets’. “I really fancied this person, and my partner never would have found out if it wasn’t for them reading an email I sent to a friend going into detail about everything that happened…” A lesson about revealing your transgressions on the Internet perhaps?

Ellie, a medical student from Stockpool, spoke to Implode frankly about her regrets over her tryst with Jack* while on holiday in Zante. “His girlfriend never found out, but she didn’t like me texting him afterwards!” Speaking to IMPLODE, she said: “After the holiday he never spoke to me again! That’s when I began to fully comprehend what I had done and I’ve felt awful ever since.”

As Ellie’s story shows, cheating can make you feel awful – even if you aren’t caught. Nevertheless, we were still surprised by the number of Nottingham students who were more than willing to point the judgmental finger at friends, but not themselves.

Hey, maybe it’s better to just have a little faith?

Anna Bootstrap

Names have been changed to protect the (not so) innocent.

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  • John Smith
    23 January 2013 at 21:06
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    What on earth is this rubbish? Is this Impact/Implode or the tab? Awful, awful stuff.

    (p.s. name changed to protect the “not so innocent”)

  • Tom
    24 January 2013 at 13:37
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    I used to love Tiger Woods because he was a great champion. But after that sex scandal? The man is a god.

  • John Smith’s Lover
    29 January 2013 at 14:01
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    John, stop trolling student sites and come to bed.

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