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Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Animals

At the height of the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza The Jerusalem Post, Israel’s widest read English newspaper, made the most courageous editorial decision of modern times. While other media were covering the escalating bloodshed in the region, The Post covered the tragic story of distress caused by the noise of rocket attacks on household pets.

This is an issue of utmost importance both in this war torn region, and the wider world. That the rest of the media has been silent for so long should be a matter of great shame for our industry, even more so than the ongoing issues of journalists gaining illegal access to people’s private information (an issue that will, hopefully, be forgotten about now that there is a Royal foetus for people to obsess about).

Implode decided to send out a team of dedicated reporters to chase down stories of animals in distress wherever the press has been focussing relentlessly upon the human tragedy at the expense of the real issue.

One story was particularly shocking. The vast damage caused by Hurricane Sandy devastated much of the North American East Coast, leading to the destruction of local woodlands. This has caused mass homelessness and severe depressive disorders amongst the stick insect population of New Jersey.

In one particularly tragic case a stick insect, referred to as ‘Sammy’ for his own protection, has been suffering from a prolonged identity crisis since the hurricane. No longer able to blend in with the trees, and lacking a sense of perspective, he has become increasingly withdrawn, hiding from both the public and his close friends and family.

It can only be hoped that other journalists will also follow the brave steps ofThe Jerusalem Post and continue to bring matters of true global importance to the public’s attention.

James Rathbone

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