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Boobs Flash Portland

A flash mob materialised in Portland this afternoon in order to raise awareness for Breast Cancer charity Coppa Feel.

The group of dancers began their routine at 12.30pm outside the Atrium, and the ‘Boob Girls’ gave a shout out encouraging students to sign up to a free boob check reminder service.

Dancers were dressed in pink, with some wearing enlarged fabric breasts.

Language student Charles-Philipe Bowles was caught up in the flash mob and said he was surprised when boobs appeared.

“It was a “mamory” to last a lifetime!” he added.

When asked about organising the event, ‘Boob Girl’ Georgina Charles, said: “We had the idea about two weeks ago and we approached NU Dance who said they would be happy do it. There was a flash mob in london for Coppa Feel so we kind of based it on that.”

She added that it is ‘not easy’ dancing in giant boobs.

‘Boob Girl’ Sara Sheibani also told Impact how the charity wants to break the taboo surrounding breasts and the view of breast cancer as an “old woman’s disease”.

Georgina said: “this is why the charity never say breasts; they say things like boob, banger, and things like that to make sure its all friendly and funny. We want people to talk about boobs, because if people think they can’t talk about boobs then people are less lilkely to talk about checking.”

Look out for the Boobs in Ocean tomorrow night.

Antonia Paget and Ellis Schindler

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