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Full List of SU Election Candidates Announced

The final list of candidates running in the Students’ Union Student Leader elections has been announced. There has been a total of 46 nominations, compared to 37 last year.

Running candidates are:


Johnny Lawrence
Anil Parmar
Ellie McWilliam
Luke Mitchell
Shehroze Khan
The Dark Knight
Tom van Wesseldine
Will Clempner

Activities Officer:

Ryan Holmes
Emma-Louise Amanshia
Will Knapp
Ben Malone

Sports Officer (previously Athletic Union Officer):

Jamie Sims
Tom Hicks

Community Officer (previously Accommodation and Community Officer) :

Jacques Domican-Bird
‘Mike’ Abiodun Olatokun
Dave ‘DMC’ Cordell
Abz Tayeb
Adam Richard Francis-Xavier Jasko

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer:

Lucy Wake
Mike Dore
Joe Sheedy
Yewande Akeju
Fiona Kelly

Education Officer:

James ‘Jince’ Ince
Dasha Karzunina
Niralini Thayaparan
Jack Law
Tyler O’Sullivan

Postgraduate Officer:

Laura Theobald

BME Officer:

Yasmin Talsi
Hammad Haq

Disabled Students’ Officer:

Naomi Gilchrist

International Students’ Officer:

Jasmine Chow
Alexandra Irina Pinzariu
Usman Saleem
Hadiza M. Marwa

LGBT Officer:

Jake O’Farrell
Jack Benjamin Salter

Mature Students’ Officer:

Phil Bagg

Women’s Officer:

Nina Humphries & Krishna Shah


The Environment and Social Justice Officer election has been delayed until after Easter, as the position is undergoing a review after this year’s officer, Andrea Pilava, resigned.

Campaigning will begin on the 1st of March. Voting will open on the 8th March and results of the winning candidates will be announced on the evening of the 15th March.

Last update: 27/2 Five candidates have now withdrawn from the elections

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  • anon
    11 February 2013 at 19:57
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    Laura Theobald is re-running for Postgraduate Officer. She had a fb status.

  • Anon
    11 February 2013 at 21:54
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    Lucy Wake is running for Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer! She is currently welfare officer for the LGBT Network!

  • Daniel
    12 February 2013 at 13:50
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    Tyler O’Sullivan is running for Education Officer

  • anon
    12 February 2013 at 17:34
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    Did Impact know that there’s a secret ‘Student Leader Candidates from the E&D Networks’ facebook group that looks suspiciously like one giant slate? I’m guessing it doesn’t considering there’s a long list of candidate names in there which you don’t have on your list….

  • X
    12 February 2013 at 19:46
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    The group was actually to influence members of E&D Networks to run. It’s not running on a slate because several of the members are running for the same position.

  • Matthew Styles
    12 February 2013 at 20:26
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    I don’t really see a problem with a Facebook Group for friends and candidates to organise and encourage others to run. After all, we can only get the best students into the roles if they run to begin with!

    From my Elections Committee days, the debate around slating was the problem around openly supporting other candidates. I don’t think we can look down on candidates supporting each other through what can sometimes be a daunting thing to do, despite how much we try to make the elections as welcoming as possible. Even more so, you couldn’t really police non-open support between or of candidates!

    It sounds good to me, encourage your members and networks to run! 🙂

  • anon
    12 February 2013 at 20:33
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    By all means encourage your networks and members to run… but it’s a group with 6 out of the 7 E&D Officers in. Plus it’s more than encouraging to run. It’s about supporting them as they’re running. Finding them campaigns teams, etc.

  • Matthew Styles
    12 February 2013 at 20:45
    Leave a Reply

    Sounds like good peer support to me! 🙂

  • anon
    12 February 2013 at 22:19
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    The group doesn’t just have candidates in it. It has E&D network members in it who were being encouraged to vote for all of the E&D candidates. It is very ‘let’s stick together’ and if that isn’t campaigning on a slate, then I don’t know what is.

  • Anon
    13 February 2013 at 14:03
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    Dasha for Education Officer!

  • Anon
    13 February 2013 at 14:38
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    Who is Tom van Wesseldine and how has he got my number to text me?! Done nothing but ensure I won’t be voting for him

  • Lawrence for Activities
    13 February 2013 at 14:58
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    Now the voting dont start till the 8th of March.

    I trust that this will help inform your decision.

  • Bane
    13 February 2013 at 15:30
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    Gotham, take control! Take control of your Students’ Union.

  • Anon
    13 February 2013 at 16:04
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    2 year sabbs sucks. Mike said he wasn’t going to run again several times! Laura Theobald is running uncontested. Did you know they can have annual leave during election time so that they can campaign more than the average student?

  • Joseph Clough
    13 February 2013 at 17:18
    Leave a Reply

    @Anon Oh, If only someone had said that at the time.

    13 February 2013 at 17:28
    Leave a Reply

    Ironic that he is ‘Equal Opportunities’ officer…

  • Joe
    13 February 2013 at 23:26
    Leave a Reply

    I know a few people are annoyed about the fact we have some people “re-running”. Certainly it took me by surprise this morning that I’m up against an incumbent.

    Speaking personally though Mike’s a very nice guy and has done a good job. I wouldn’t want this election to turn into a referendum on his performance and I hope that other people won’t resort to negative attacks on any of the other candidates.

    There’s far more important things to discuss, let’s discuss them instead


  • Luke Mitchell
    14 February 2013 at 11:41
    Leave a Reply

    Joseph Clough, ‘Vote No’, ‘Lawrence for Activities’ and ‘anon’ are blatantly all the same person…

  • Joseph Clough
    14 February 2013 at 12:51
    Leave a Reply

    Yes, blatantly, because I am completely in favor of not referring to officer positions by their title given in the Bye-Laws.

    I have no knowledge of what Dore said during the past year about re-running, or any care even if he did say he wouldnt re-run: people are allowed to change their mind.

    I am, however, of course Vote Lawrence.

    Feel free to check IP addresses.

  • Anon
    14 February 2013 at 16:45
    Leave a Reply

    Joseph Clough can do one! No one cares about your “Lawrence for Activities” campaign any more. Your oppression with Lawrence is dangerously oppessive.

  • irrelevant
    15 February 2013 at 11:34
    Leave a Reply

    i like cake

  • Luke Mitchell? Rather Phil Mitchell
    15 February 2013 at 14:30
    Leave a Reply

    Really Luke, you’d do better being quiet than having a go at those who comment on here. Your tenure as demcomms has been pretty poor tbh. You are so have no ability to make up your own mind, but are rather swayed by the last person you spoke to.

    You as president? That would really be a demonstration of a puppet leader. I’d rather have Phil Mitchell lead us… at least he has a spine and knows his own mind (when not drinking/beating people up).

  • Anon
    15 February 2013 at 16:45
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    Surely Phil Mitchell is just Joseph Clough again.

  • Luke Mitchell
    15 February 2013 at 19:18
    Leave a Reply

    It was meant as a joke guys, I know Joe personally and I wouldn’t say that to someone I didn’t.
    Apologies for any offence caused though, I didn’t mean to upset anyone.

  • Rob Taylor
    20 February 2013 at 17:54
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    Spoken to a few of these candidates! Their willingness to know anything about SB varies hugely – this is going to be a very interesting election!

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