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Self-Defined “Guardian Of The Public Interest” Visits Nottingham

The Attorney General Dominic Grieve visited the University of Nottingham on Thursday 31st January to host a Q&A session with the Nottingham Politics Society and Conservative Association.

The Rt Hon. Dominic Grieve QC MP is a British Conservative Politician, barrister, Queen’s Counsel and a Member of the Privy Council. He is also currently president of the Franco-British Society, vice-chairman of the Franco-British Council and Honorary Recorder of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

His main tasks are to advise government on law, to control and supervise the administration of parliament, in full compliance with the EU convention on human rights.

Grieve defines himself as “the guardian of the public interest”, with the power to address the court of appeal in view of a new inspection of some cases and to ask them to open or re-open inquests.

In his address he discussed the budget deficit of 27% as the main challenge to the UK and referred to the current economic and financial crisis as the worst that we have seen in the last few years. According to him, one of the main causes can be traced back to the trend, seen over the last 40-50 years, of many countries spending more money than they are able to generate.

Grieve said that the banking collapse is a consequence of this trend and not its cause. He explained that all of us want to maintain a high quality of life, but being economically competitive is a more urgent need. This is a period of austerity and governments should be aware of how much money and wealth states can effectively generate.

Education is the key to the correct management of resources and all governments should be committed to improving it, said Grieve. The UK is not isolated and the consideration of its political and economic role leads to tensions about the British role within Europe.

Grieve stated that the EU is inefficient, but also highlighted the impossibility of Britain leaving as British economy and politics are interconnected with the EU. He also said that stepping out from the European Union is “a mere fantasy”.

He concluded by remembering that we are currently living in a world of great change, characterized by an extension of democracy, developing multiculturalism and arising globalization that connect all countries. Dominic Grieve aspired to “a society where people can be free, can prosper and preserve their cultural identity while at the same time adhering to and respecting the international community.”

Erica Doro

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  • Peter McCourt
    6 February 2013 at 09:45
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    What a very odd headline. It has the same feel as “the self-appointed…” or “self-styled…” that usually imply that the description is far from one that others would give and that the speaker is somewhat fraudulent or at least suspect in his right to use such a definition. The article contains nothing to challenge the Attorney General’s description of his function and yet the headline implicitly calls it into question.

  • Tom
    6 February 2013 at 14:01
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    Why you always play psychologist with us Peter?

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