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Sex Shop Attacks Deputy PCC’s Proposed Ban on ‘Sex Establishments’

A Nottingham sex shop has spoken out against Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Ms Chris Cutland, after she announced that sex shops and lapdancing clubs should be banned in the city.

Cutland told the Nottingham Post: “I would like to see a ban. There is a correlation particularly between how women feel when there are more sex shops and lap-dancing clubs – it makes areas no-go areas for women.”

She also insisted that research in London suggested a link between the expansion of lap dancing venues and increased rates of sexual assault.

Patrick Cicierski from Private, a sex shop on Upper Parliament Street, told Impact that Cutland “doesn’t know what she’s talking about”.

“The fact is sex shops aren’t what she imagines. A lot of our customers are females and couples.

“Children are not allowed in and what we do is totally legal and above board. Chris Cutland should come along to our shop – she’ll find out that we don’t have people hanging from the ceiling in chains!” concluded Cicierski.

Cutland’s proposals would also affect Flirtz, Nottingham’s only lap dancing venue.

In a statement to Impact, Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping said he agreed with Cutland’s remarks, adding:

“We need to have more positive images of women. There is too much violence against women. One of my priorities is to tackle domestic violence and crimes against women and I don’t think sex shops are a helpful aid to this process.”

A police spokesperson said: “There have not been any recorded offences at any of these venues and we are not aware that the presence of sex shops is having a direct impact on crime in Nottinghamshire. We will however be interested to see the results of the council’s consultation survey and will continue to work closely with both the council and the Police and Crime Commissioner to cut crime and keep people safe.”

This comes after Nottingham City Council surveyed the public’s views on “venues providing sexual entertainment” in an online consultation which closes today.

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