Transparent Phones….The Next Technological Advancement?

Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak, Bond an invisible car, but how about an invisible phone? New models of phones seemed to be released every day; the latest development is now a phone that is transparent. 

The latest smart phone in development by Polytron Technologies, a company from Taiwan, aims to be completely transparent.

The phone tests Polytron’s Switchable Glass technology where the entire phone appears opaque when it is not being used, and then clear when you switch it on. This smart glass technology uses liquid crystal molecules to display images. This means when the phone is not turned on the molecules randomly move around and scatter light which forms a darker composition and makes the screen opaque. When the phone is switched on, electric current causes the liquid crystal molecules to realign so light passes through and the screen looks clear, making it able to form images.

The phone is powered by an electric current which passes through transparent wires, and  will also sport a double sided multi touch screen display on both the front and the back.

Unfortunately despite the radical new look, the prototype phone is currently not functional. It is not able to make calls or have any software and not yet completely transparent as the SIM card, battery and microphone are still visible. However in the functional phone Polytron says these features will be covered in an opaque glass cover.

The transparent display also raises issues of privacy as if the phone is transparent other people will be able to see who you are phoning or what you are doing.

It is hoped that the first functional phone will become available at the end of the year. Though if you are anything like me, who loses their phone on a daily basis, the thought of an invisible phone is not the best idea.

Jessica Hewitt-Dean


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