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Overall: 7412

Round 1:
Ryan Holmes 1327
Will Knapp  2698
Emma Louise 1600
Ben Malone 1535
RON 252

Round 2:
WK 2704
EL 1611
BM 1542
RH 1333

Round 3:
WK 2903
EL 1824
BM 1794

Will Knapp, or ‘Knappy’, has been elected as the SU’s Activities Officer.

7,412 people voted for this position, and in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds, Will won 2698, 2704, 2903 votes respectively.

Knappy said he “feels a range of emotions and doesn’t even know where to start” at the prospect of being elected.

“Campaigning was long and hard but it was worth every second,” he added.

Knappy says his immediate next step is to liaise with Sutton Bonington Guild Activities Officer, and says although he wants to continue with the work of former Activities Officer Michelle, he has several of his own policies that he can’t wait to implement.

His plans for tonight include Ocean and “the plan for tomorrow morning is no alarm clock”.

Speaking to Impact, current Activities Officer Michelle Mcloughlin, says that Will is “an amazing candidate and is going to do an amazing job. He has plenty of experience for the role” and Michelle describes him as a “generally nice guy”.

Ryan Holmes, who was voted out after the second round of voting, said, “Obviously I am devastated not to win but I would just like to say a massive congrats to will who I’m sure will do a fantastic job as Activities Officer. Also commiserations to the other candidates who ran all fantastic campaigns, and again thanks to everyone who helped.”

Emma Louise wished Knappy the best of luck, saying how she thinks he will do a great job, and she also emphasised how close it was.

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