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561: Naomi

54: RON.

Naomi Gilchrist has been elected as the Disabled Students’ Officer after running for the position uncontested.

Naomi says she is “thrilled to be a voice of the students”. She says she wants to reach out back to all the students who helped the voter turnout reach 10,000 votes.

615 votes overall were cast for the position; 561 of these voters chose Naomi, with on 54 selecting RON.

Naomi has been involved in the Disabled Students’ Network for some time, and says that she has experience and understanding of a range of health issues that may affect students.

Naomi says she plans on speaking to all disabled students to “to find out what they want” from the SU and their new Officer, and says she wants to work with the new SU Officers to improve communications.

One of the points she wants to implement is to “improve disability sports, for the able bodied as well, and focus on the social side of University life, so more access to societies” for disabled students.

Naomi says she will be “sticking round” for the rest of results with her campaigning team and friends.

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