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Overall: 7472
James Ince 1740
Tyler O’Sullivan 1923
Dasha Karzunina 2859
Jack Law 689
RON 261

Dasha Karzunina has been announced as the new Education Officer. Dasha’s manifesto policies include cheaper, more accessible printing, more information on module choices and setting up a student-run second-hand book cafe and forum to exchange resources.

“I’m shivering – it’s unexpected!” Dasha told Impact after the result was announced. She said that she’s “looking forward to getting to know the team” and “just being on the SU Exec – everyone wants to be on it!”.

As for her campaigning, she said that she survived because of her “great team” who had “lots of advice to give”. She said that she “doesn’t believe in standing around” and that she found lecture shout-outs very effective.

James Ince admitted he was “disappointed” with the result but also claimed to be “happy that all the candidates seemed passionate about education.” He told Impact that he had kept his policies separate from his campaign advertising and thought that “a few people couldn’t take a joke, but I wouldn’t have wanted them to vote for me anyway.”

Tyler O’Sullivan told Impact that “Dasha completely deserved it. Obviously I would have loved to win but I can’t take anything away from her.”

Jack Law said Tyler and Dasha had “fought hard” in the election and noted they had been campaigning “practically 24/7”. Jack said that he was pleased with the amount of votes he received as he had “only campaigned for a few days”. He also commented that the quality of nominees had been particularly high this year.

Current education officer Matt Styles said “I’m definitely excited. Dasha and Tyler ran fantastic campaigns this year and it’s been really exciting and great to see all of the banners around. The relaxation of the rules has been great, candidates have been allowed more creativity in their elections. Manifestos, particularly Dasha’s, have been informed by listening to current school and education reps so I’m massively excited.”

“I know Dasha will carry on a few things that I have started this year, like hidden course costs and the George Green library. I’m confident that Dasha will continue this on.”

Matt thought the record-smashing 10,000 votes was down to the increased training involved in campaigning this year.

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