Environmental and Social Justice Officer role under review

Elections for the Environmental and Social Justice Officer have been delayed until after Easter.

A review of the role was initiated after the resignation of ESJ Officer, Andrea Pilava, earlier this year.

Speaking to IMPACT, Pilava said: “My resignation was solely due to the fact that as a final year student I was unable to undertake my duties as an Officer effectively and perform well in my degree.”

Upon the announcement of her resignation in SU Council, Finance and Services Officer Anil Palmer tweeted, saying: “She did an amazing job too!”

Education Officer Matt Styles told IMPACT that: “A motion will be brought to Students’ Union Council which proposes keeping the Environmental & Social Justice Officer role part-time and with the same portfolio. It will also propose that rather than taking in the responsibilities of an Exec or full-time Officer, ESJ will support the full-time Officers where necessary.

“The idea behind the changes is based on a number of previous ESJ Officers’ experiences of balancing a part-time Exec Officer chairing a number of groups, with the ability to focus on their course during their time in the role. This would allow the ESJ Officer to focus on just that – environmental and social justice issues.”

Ellis Schindler


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