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Overall: 7017

Round 1:
Fiona Kelly: 1648
Mike Dore: 2442
Joe Sheedy: 232
Yewande Akeju: 1127
Lucy Wake: 1310
RON: 278

Round 2:
Fiona Kelly: 1675
Mike Dore: 2364
Yewande Akeju: 1153
Lucy Wake: 1344

Round 3:
Fiona Kelly: 1766
Mike Dore: 2614
Lucy Wake: 1453

Round 4:
Fiona Kelly: 2089
Mike: 2878

The new Equal Opportunity and Welfare candidate is Mike Dore. Running for a second term, Mike got 2878 votes. This is an increase from year’s election where Mike received 2207 votes.

Fiona Kelly, Mike Dore and Lucy Wake made it into the third round of voting, however only Fiona Kelly and Mike Dore made it to the second round. Fiona came second with 2089 of the votes.

Mike said that he wanted to run again because he “obviously loved it”. Mike prioritises mental health as a key welfare issue, and aims to improve gaps in support services.

He told Impact that winning again “feels great” but it’s a “really surreal feeling”. Reflecting on his plans for the future, Mike said he would “continue down the same path as last year” and make improvements based on feedback he has received from students this year.

Mike said he was thrilled the SU had achieved its goal of getting 10,000 students to vote: “The staff and all the campaigners have done a great job of motivating students to vote.”

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