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Impact On The Campaign Trail: Day 5

We found Tyler O’Sullivan campaigning outside Portland with his team, all in matching t-shirts.

When we spoke to him he told us his campaign was so far successful, and he was concentrating his efforts on “trying to get people focused on education” whilst trying to engage as many people as possible.  He did this partly through social media, creating a Facebook event and a campaign video in an attempt to spread the word.

tyler day 5

Meanwhile Will Clempner, one of the presidential candidates, was spending his first day of “physical campaigning” outside of Hallward.

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 17.41.17

He felt the campaign was going “really well” and he said his main focus was on approaching and speaking to individuals and utilising social media as much as possible, and also that he is looking forward to the release of his campaign video.


Also campaigning outside Hallward were Jamie Sims, candidate for Sports officer and Dasha Karzunina, who is campaigning for education officer.

Yalda Tomlinson

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    Lucy Wake was also campaigning around Portland Building and Sutton Bonington!

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