Live Review: Justin Bieber, Capital FM Arena (2/3/13)

Do 14-year-olds scare you? No? Well, don’t be so certain of yourself. Because myself and 150 other members of Capital FM’s security team were frightened to death by Justin Bieber’s fans, who smashed everything in their way upon trying to get into the Arena on Saturday, the 2nd of March. If I was to describe the concert in one word, it would be fanaticism. The kind that nobody has seen since the Beatles, I can bet on that. Thousands of young, half-naked girls with purple hats with “SWAGGY” written on them, screamed, cried and expressed a very inhuman reaction any time Justin Bieber appeared on stage.

I lost count of the number of sick, fainting or fighting girls, who required neither alcohol nor drugs to give them a high, thanks to the overwhelming powers of Bieber-fever. Believe me, the universe has not experienced such phenomena yet.

Suddenly, the phrase “He’s so cute I’m gonna die!” seemed not so funny to me anymore. There was not this much obsession when Hitler was in power, there was not this many tears when Stalin died, there was not this much screaming… ever. My ears were hurting for a whole day after the concert, despite wearing ear plugs throughout.

I have limited knowledge and interest in contemporary pop music, but I still expected good vocals and an amazing show; knowing how much support Bieber had years ago when he was simply uploading videos on YouTube. That is why before I went to the concert I promised myself to be objective and respect music preferences different from mine.

Now, I have to be honest, there is little I can say about Justin Bieber’s performance because his songs sounded just as it would sound on the radio. Nothing more, nothing less. However, his show was dreadfully tasteless. His chicken legs, and his overdone fringe and his “gangsta-inspired” look were irritating my eyes. The state and image of him, his show and his fans reminded me of Primark on a Saturday afternoon: ridiculous queues, misbehaved customers, angry staff and terrible quality of the product.

And yet his record label team are managing him very well. They built the pseudo-prophet of this century by simply exhausting the crowd, making them love, want, follow and pay. Justin Bieber with his sweet voice and cute face was late on stage for 40 minutes (rumours say he was just chilling in his dressing room). This completely freaked the audience out, winded them to the stage of real madness, and turned the crowd into an emotionally misbalanced, uncontrolled herd.

This show neither inspired me nor fascinated me. But it did scare me. I am terrified of experiencing any moment similar to what I had faced again.  When this generation of such music sectarians grow up and turn into adults, if common sense does not reach them, then once they have gained their legal right to vote I am most certain that they will go on and elect him president. Now that’s a frightening thought.

Katya Guskova …Katya has been listening to And So I Watch You From Afar – Don’t Waste Time doing Things You Hate…

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