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318 Phil Bagg.

66 RON.

The mature students’ officer has been announced as Phil Bagg. Phil was running for the position for the second time and was running uncontested. 384 votes were cast overall, with 318 people voting for Phil whilst 66 voted RON.

Phil’s manifesto pledges include targeting key areas such as parking and childcare. He puts a large emphasis on the social aspect of mature students’ live, aiming to organise regular events and socials. He also plans to focus on the possibility of free parking on Sutton Bonnington campus for mature students that may have families at home.

Speaking to Impact immediately after the result was announced, Phil said that the first thing he wanted to do was to carry on the work of his predecessor and continue implementing similar policies. He also plans to get more involved in Week One. He intends to construct a more detailed plan of how he can do this over the summer, in order to work out how he can best reach out to mature students

When asked about how his campaigning had gone, Phil said that mature students are “few and far between” and that he did the majority of his networking over social networking and online forums. Phil intends to celebrate his election by “sticking around for the rest of the results” before going on to Ocean!

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