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Nominations Open For Environmental and Social Justice Position

Nominations for the role of Environmental and Social Justice are now open.

The election was delayed following the resignation of the ESJ officer, Andrea Pilava earlier this year. Andrea’s resignation led to a re-evaluation of the role in the Students’ Union.

Education Officer Matt Styles told Impact that, “The idea behind the changes is based on a number of previous ESJ Officers’ experiences of balancing a part-time Exec Officer chairing a number of groups, with the ability to focus on their course during their time in the role.”

Nominations for the role will close on Wednesday 24th April, and campaigning will last from the 26th April to the 8th May.

Voting opens at 12 noon on the 1st of May, and closes on the 8th May.

Nomination and manifesto forms can be found on the SU website.

Emily Tripp

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  • anon
    28 March 2013 at 13:41
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    The term “social justice” here is rather broad. What exactly does a “social justice” officer do other than recycling and fair trade policies?

  • Dave J
    29 March 2013 at 10:36
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    When they discussed abandoning the ESJ position a few years back, they asked the current officer what social justice was, and he admitted that he couldn’t give an authoritative definition. I’m guessing because he couldn’t just say “Miscellaneous lefty stuff”.

    And yet somehow the position still exists (probably because it’s unpaid).

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