NUDance: Imagine @ Studio 7, King’s Meadow Campus

As March comes around each year, BUCs competitions and the Varsity series seem to dominate university life. The competitive drive to perform at the best level can be seen throughout the sports societies and the NUDance team is no exception. Over recent months, any friend of NUDance members will know just how much time and effort have been expended leading up to competition season. It has been impossible not to notice the buzz of NUDance around campus, the excitement on the @_NUDance_ twitter feed and the occasional charitable flash mob which have all worked to promote the society and draw attention to the various ways it is excelling in talent and fundraising.

Long rehearsals, multiple cans of hairspray and coach journeys to Loughborough and Sheffield have paid off in the form of trophies and medals. The final hurdle that remains is the annual NUDance show, this year titled Imagine,  a chance to showcase and celebrate all their hard work for friends and family.

Imagine has been promoted as an evening of magic, myths and legends. Based at King’s Meadow Campus, the performance was a short distance out of the social hub of campus but worth the journey…

Featuring an impressive thirty-four performances in total, showcasing talent in jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary and street dance. the show was split into two halves, each one was packed with variety ensuring that there was a dance for everyone’s taste. The first half saw sixteen stunning performances ranging in style from Caitlin Hindson’s ‘Burlesque fantasy’ to the RUBIX street team’s journey through time. The second half opened with a dramatic rendition of ‘Thriller’, setting the theatrical tone for the rest of the show. Performances that particularly stuck in my mind’s eye were the compelling dance to John Legend’s ‘Ordinary People’ and a Scottish twist from the award winning ballet team.

The choreography was loyal to the themes of imagination. Each performance dealt with ideas of good and evil, ancient myths and famous legends. The theatricality was further brought to life by the dramatic use of lighting and shadows, ensuring a dynamic atmosphere from start to finish.

My only criticism lies not with the dancers but with the audience. On several occasions, the performances demanded our participation and encouragement and I think we were a little too reserved. Nevertheless, the NUDance society put us all to shame by cheering emphatically in the wings for their team members. It is unsurprising that this group of talented people have won ‘Best Society’ two years running. Their camaraderie and grace – both on and off stage – make them a welcoming society for all abilities. With their growing list of achievements and firm promise of entertainment, they are quite simply the ones to watch.

Chloe Nuttall-Musson

NUDance: Imagine runs at Studio 7, King’s Meadow Campus, Nottingham until Saturday 16th of March 2013. For ticket information go to: 

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