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Overall 7461
RON 363
Hicks 3749
Sims 3349

The new sports officer has been announced as Tom Hicks.

In his manifesto, Tom says that he wants to introduce academic provisions for students who participate in sports, such as recording Wednesday afternoon lectures in order to allow students to excel both academically and on the sports field. He also wishes to increase participation in sports and improve communication between the University and sports societies.

Tom told Impact that he was “ecstatic” and “speechless” to win after two weeks of intense campaigning.  He said he “didn’t expect to win” and that the race was “close the whole way”.

Tom said that his first act as Sports Officer would be “to continue with Wednesday academic revisions”. He also wants to set up a meeting with the LGBT officer in an effort to engage the LGBT community more in the AU.

Tom has previously been on the AU exec with current officer Jonny Bel. so he feels that they have a good working relationship and wants to carry on his policies. Tom feels that the high voting numbers this year reflects the “sheer number of candidates running” which has involved greater networks of people in the elections.

Tom said that he had been against campaigning outside Hallward, and that he preferred to talk to people individually, although it was time consuming. As part of his campaign he arranged a flash mob and had his team of “Hicks’ Chicks” out campaigning at 8.30am every day, even in the snow. Tom told Impact that he was planning to stay for the remainder of the results before heading to Ocean to celebrate.

It was a close election, with his rival for the position Jamie Sims garnering only 400 fewer votes. Jamie told Impact that he feels “gutted” at the result, but insists that “I wouldn’t have done anything differently”. He feels that he had “a great campaign” and said that he was “very happy” with the campaigning strategy that he had chosen. Jamie will not be able to run again for the position as he is a third year.

Jonny Bell, the current Athletics Union officer said that “[Tom] is fantastic for the role but actually both candidates have been unbelievable.” Jonny also said that he was “ecstatic” that 10,000 students had voted and said that it “shows how far union has come.”

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