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SU Elections 2013: The Results

The results for the 2013 Student Leader Elections are being announced tonight. Follow Impact for a full list of tonight’s winners, we will be updating regularly as each result is announced. 

Mature Students’ Officer (384 votes overall)

Phil Bagg (318 votes)
RON (66 votes)

BME Officer (1,111 votes overall)

Yasmin Talsi (934 votes)
RON (162 votes)

Disabled Students’ Officer (615 votes overall)

Naomi Gilchrist (561 votes)
RON (54 votes)

Women’s Officer (3,445 votes overall)

Nina Humphries & Krishna Shah (3,268 votes)
RON (177 votes)

LGBT Officer (819 votes overall)

Jack Benjamin Salter (403 votes)
Jake O’Farrell (338 votes)
RON (78 votes)

International Students’ Officer (1,512 votes overall)

Jasmine Chow (605 votes)
Usman Saleem (427 votes)
Alexandra Irina Pinzariu (242 votes)
Hadiza M. Marwa (174 votes)
RON (34 votes)

Postgraduate Officer (545 votes overall)

Laura Theobald (467 votes)
RON (78 votes)

Sports Officer (7,461 votes overall)

Tom Hicks (3,749 votes)
Jamie Sims (3349 votes)
RON (363 votes)

Activities Officer (7,412 votes overall)

Will Knapp (2,698 votes)
Emma-Louise Amanshia (1,600 votes)
Ben Malone (1,535 votes)
Ryan Holmes (1,327 votes)
RON (252 votes)

Education Officer (7,472 votes overall)

Dasha Karzunina (2,859 votes)
Tyler O’Sullivan (1,923 votes)
James ‘Jince’ Ince (1,740 votes)
Jack Law (689 votes)
RON (261 votes)

Community Officer (7,376 votes overall)

Dave ‘DMC’ Cordell (2,521 votes)
‘Mike’ Abiodun Olatokun (1,707 votes)
Jacques Domican-Bird (1,191 votes)
Abz Tayeb (1,016 votes)
Adam Richard Francis-Xavier Jasko (641 votes)
RON (300 votes)

Equal Opportunities and Welfare Officer (7,017 votes overall)

Mike Dore (2,442 votes)
Fiona Kelly (1,648 votes)
Lucy Wake (1,310 votes)
Yewande Akeju (1,127 votes)
Joe Sheedy (232 votes)
RON (278 votes)

President (9,266 votes overall)

Ellie McWilliam (2,455 votes)
Will Clempner (2,425 votes)
Shehroze Khan (1,733 votes)
Johnny Lawrence (908 votes)
Tom van Wesseldine (1,035 votes)
Anil Parmar (1,178 votes)
Luke Mitchell (1,520 votes)
The Dark Knight (840 votes)
RON (85 votes)

Votes in brackets refer to the number of votes candidates received in the first round of counting. The votes for President represent the candidate’s largest amount of votes across all the rounds of voting. 

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