The Heirs of Daft Punk

“Anyone can take a disco sample and put a kick drum under it, but no-one will sound like Daft Punk.” Such was electro producer Boys Noize’s reaction to the announcement of a new Daft Punk album, their first in eight years, due for release this spring. With the current explosion in popularity of electronic music, it’s all too easy to forget where today’s producers draw their influences from, so here’s our rundown of some of Thomas and Guy-Manuel’s biggest disciples.

18-year-old prodigy Madeon wears his countrymen’s influence proudly on his sleeve. His breakthrough ‘Pop Culture’ was a YouTube hit, and sampled several classic Daft Punk tracks. Listen to his remix of Deadmau5’s ‘Raise Your Weapon’ or his own ‘Icarus’ to get the best of Madeon’s sound.

Most notable for collaborations with A-Trak and remixes for Britney Spears and Breakbot, Oliver’s bouncy nu-disco basslines and vocoded vocals are hugely indebted to classic tracks like ‘Around the World’. Check out their latest release ‘MYB’ to get a taste.

Hard Rock Sofa
Despite boasting one of the naffest names in music right now, Russian duo Hard Rock Sofa match the robotic sounds of Daft Punk with the aggression of modern progressive and electro-house to forge their own exciting sound. Their remix of Calvin Harris’ ‘Let’s Go’ echoes the classic guitar line from ‘Aerodynamic’, while the top line of ‘Chemistry’ is supercharged Daft Punk for the ‘EDM’ generation.

Alex Noble and Luigi III make up LBCK, who fuse the funkier side of Daft Punk with influences from tech house, big room, and disco. Their ‘Super Natural’ EP shows off this sound perfectly, with the intro of ‘Archnemesis’ coming across like a lost session from ‘Discovery’ before exploding into stuttering electro.

Will Gulseven

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