There’s “Snow” Stopping SU Campaigning

Despite today’s unforeseen blizzard Students’ Union candidates were to be seen campaigning heartily on University Park.

Presidential candidate Ellie McWilliam, who had resolutely set up camp outside Hallward Library, said the weather would not be dampening her spirits.

“I am determined. I’ll be sticking it out all day. I was up early so I missed the bad weather and had no trouble getting into campus.”

Campaigning by the entrance to the Portland Building, Activities Officer candidate Will Knapp said, “My love for activities is keeping me warm.”

Amy Capelo, one of Knapp’s campaigners,  added: “The weather is so unfortunate. Last year it was really sunny.”

Will Clempner, who is also running for the top job, had driven into campus, bypassing the bad weather.

Shivering, he said: “I’m staying out until about 3.”

If courage in the face of adversity is a character trait Nottingham’s students want in their Executive Committee, evidently they will be not be disappointed this coming Friday.

Rob Moher
Senior News Reporter

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