Walk Off The Earth To Play Rock City This Wednesday

Some musicians are a product of a lifetime work and dedication to their craft, others are born with music running through their veins.

Both are true of the members of Walk Off the Earth who after years of touring, self-promotion and work in a variety of bands finally found the spotlight in January 2012 when they became a Youtube sensation with a cover of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’, played by all five members on a single acoustic guitar. Reaching almost 150 million views to date, it was the second most viewed YouTube video of 2012 only to ‘Gangnam Style’. It would be an error to believe that Walk Off The Earth’s cover was merely a viral hit with the band having signed with Columbia Records.

The band’s two remaining original members Ryan Marshall and Gianni Luminati started the group as a reggae band, however the group has expanded and changed since its inception in 2006 and now consists of drummer Joel Cassady as well as Sarah Blackwood and Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor, the latter of whom has gained internet success of his own for his mysterious yet confident appearance and strange roles in the band’s music videos, such as playing the keyboard with his toes while smoking a pipe.

Cassady is the established drummer of the band, but the role of the rest of the band alters from song to song and often minute to minute. The three lead vocalists of the group give Walk Off The Earth a truly unique sound and play a plethora of instruments from guitars and trumpets to kazoos and xylophones. As such they are frankly incomparable to any other band and while their reggae roots occasionally slip out in a couple of songs, on the whole their vibe is one of just having fun.

Success with covers goes beyond the Gotye hit including ‘Some Nights’ by Fun; ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO; and Taylor Swift’s ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’, which features KRNFX with whom they are touring in April. However with the release of their new album R.E.V.O. in March, Walk Off the Earth have shown their exceptional song-writing and performance skills. Their first single ‘Red Hands’ has been gaining momentum as well. Unique doesn’t even begin to describe the talent and sound of this exceptional group who are ready to hit the big time, having fun while they do it.

When Walk Off The Earth come to Rock City on April 3rd, get ready to join the “Gang of Rhythm” and dance into what will be an upbeat and lively night.

Will Marshall

Walk Off The Earth Play Rock City on Wednesday. Tickets are available here.


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