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3268: Nina and Krishna

177: RON

The new women’s officer has been announced as joint candidates Krishna Shah and Nina Humphries. Krishna and Nina were running uncontested after their rival withdrew from the elections.

3445 votes were cast overall, with 3268 of those for Nina and Krishna and 177 votes for RON.

Nina and Krishna’s manifesto stated that they were keen to maintain links with the Nottingham Rape Crisis Centre and that they were particularly interested in targeting events towards student carers.

Current Women’s Officer Rose Bonner told Impact that Nina and Krishna tried “inventive ways of campaigning” and that they “reached out” to students.

Krishna and Nina told Impact that they are “overwhelmed and relieved”. Having been elected, they wish to continue the work of the existing women’s officer, in particular her work on the Zero Tolerance sexual harassment campaign. Their immediate next step will be to make a comprehensive plan and “put together a committee as we have so much to do”.

Nina and Krishna said that their campaigning had been “tiring” and that they “did a lot each day”. They commented that all of the candidates running this year had been “amazing” and that they were “proud of the uni for reaching 10,000 votes”. They are intending to go to Ocean later in the evening to celebrate their win.

The current women’s officer Rose Bonner told Impact that “[Nina and Krishna] are on my committee this year… they’re brilliant”. On the subject of the record number of votes, she said that reaching 10,000 was  “excellent” and that it was “so exciting that it has happened.”

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