Live Review: Music Week Breakout, Camden Barfly (27/3/13)

Camden Barfly hosted Music Week’s Breakout gig for March with a full lineup including Sid Batham, Linn Oberg, K, Richard Judge and MMX. I saw all of the upstairs acts, which were Sid Batham, K and MMX. Having only bought the ticket originally to see MMX, it was a privilege to actually end up seeing two additional acts.

I would describe Sid Batham as groovy. He reminded me a little of Justin Timberlake and at times his lyrics and strong vocals were akin to Beyonce. His versatlie band played music ranging from electronic to pop rock, with Sid playing one song with just his voice and the keyboard the rest of the time. The upstairs above the Barfly started out quite scarce, but it filled up as the set went along and the applause after each song got louder and louder. Sid had a great stage presence and did groovy little dance moves as he sang; my favourite moment was when the bassist did a little swirly arm dance during the final song. Definitely worth a listen.

K were the heaviest band that I saw, a guitar band still finding their feet, who played some crowd pleasing songs with strong guitar riffs. Yearning to be another big rock and roll band, these guys had a great group dynamic, successfully drawing in a growing crowd and lifting the evening’s energy for the main event. These guys reminded me of Kids in Glass Houses due to their strong guitar rhythms. K are clearly eager to expand their fan base by offering a free download of one of the songs from their upcoming album RISE. Although quite an underground band at the moment, they will inevitably increase their profile if they keep up their hard work.

MMX were originally a five-piece called Francesqa and were firmly in the rock/alternative genre. However, after a member left, they decided to regroup, change genre from pop/rock to a more synthy indie and are now reincarnated as MMX – the roman numerals for the year they were reborn and to reflect a video game character, which is close to the band members’ hearts. Live nation described them as “cinematic indie,” which I would agree with. Lead singer – Ashley Wilkie – sung mellow vocals, which were coupled with soft synthesiser rhythms. This was only their second show as MMX, but they were brilliant, playing a mixture of songs from their EP, Child, as well as some new material.  Although MMX are completely different to their previous project, they are still a pleasure to listen to.

All in all I had a very enjoyable evening and used this great opportunity to discover some new music.

Caroline Chan

…Caroline has been listening to Bastille – Weight of Living, Pt. 1…


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