You call THIS Art?!

From the weird to the wacky to the even more weird and wacky, Impact Arts is diving head first into the crazy culture of today to ask you…would you call THIS art?! Let us know what you think as we present to you the first ‘masterpiece’ in our new feature.

As a society we’re all fairytale crazy at the moment. You’ve heard about the Hollywood adaptations and the new Sky Disney channel but did you hear about this art event in Ukraine that was based around Sleeping Beauty?

The exhibition was held a few months ago, an art performance piece created by Taras Polataiko. Several real life sleeping beauties signed a contract agreeing to marry whichever knight in shining armour awoke them from their slumber. Instead of arriving on horses though, these knights arrived by car, by train and by foot.

Yes, after passing an oral herpes test and offered a breath mint, members of the public rose to the romantic  occasion and bravely stepped up to the challenge. Armed with a kiss…and a mint, see the rather amusing result of the exhibition here…

So what do you think? Would you call THIS art?!

Kiran Benawra

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