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Right to Choose Referendum Not Passed

The referendum on whether the Students’ Union should adopt a Right to Choose policy regarding abortion did not receive enough votes to become policy.

The results were announced at 4.30pm this afternoon in the Hub.

809 students voted yes, with 510 voting no and 102 abstaining.

In total, 1,421 votes were cast, meaning that around 2,000 more were needed for it to become quorate.

SU DemComms officer Luke Mitchell confirmed that this means that, “The Students’ Union will not have a [Right to Choose] policy. From here what could happen is up to the people from the Yes team; they could take it to council to discuss there but because the referendum was not quorate it means that it does not have enough weight to pass as formal policy.”

‘Yes’ representative Fran Cowling confirmed that the team would take the policy to the next SU Council on the 17th June.

Other results announced during the session were the winner of the Environmental and Social Justice Officer elections, where Mike Olatokun gained 615 out of 1,153 votes.

Winners of the school education rep elections were also announced with 44 votes cast by the school of Biomedical Sciences, 54 by Culture Media and Film, 29 by Philosophy, 44 by Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 35 by Sociology and 7 by Nursing (Lincolnshire).

Ellis Schindler

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