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SU shut down the NUTS office

The NUTS office has temporarily been closed after the student run television service failed to submit adequate health and safety documents.

All student run services are expected to complete health and safety paperwork each year. Speaking to Impact, Luke Mitchell, SU Dem Comms Officer, said that NUTS had been made aware of this requirement since the start of the year.

Rosie Cave, NUTS station manager, said NUTS would be releasing a full statement when they know more about the situation.

“At the moment our office has been shut and we’ve been disallowed to film because of a supposed lack of health and safety documents that we had in fact supplied the SU with before our deadline,” she said.

Luke Mitchell expressed his disappointment at the situation saying: “I’m really gutted about this. I offered to help them- even in my spare time”.

The document was submitted 25 minutes before the deadline, however was not completed to the required standard.

Luke Mitchell listed several of the comments that featured in NUTS’ paperwork, including, “We were trained to film by God”.

NUTS are due to meet with the SU on Friday to discuss the situation. The NUTS office will remain closed until further notice.

NUTS denies Luke Mitchell’s statement. Hugh Purves, Equipment and Logistics Officer, told Impact: “We have submitted the correct documentation. At no point did we say we had been trained by God. I am meeting Jules Lediard tomorrow; she is currently reviewing the paperwork. We are confident that the issue will be resolved.

“We can still access the office, but we have locked our equipment in the safe”.


NUTS have said that information the SU are basing their allegations on is from a form written four years ago by then Station Manager Bossoro Ngo.

At 5:30 on 9th May, 2013 NUTS released a second statement saying they had been forced to call off their Varsity football coverage:

“We really regret to inform you that due to the health and safety documentation issues we’ve been experiencing, we won’t be able to cover Football tonight in any capacity. We hope the issues will be resolved for Rugby on Monday.”

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