7 Days Of Freshers’ Week

Whether you’re stumbling through Oceana, Ocean or Rescue Rooms, there will be no escaping these seven tracks during Week One. IMPACT MUSIC are here to help you get to grips with the soundtrack of your Fresher experience.

1.     Daft Punk – GET LUCKY

Unless you decided to cut off all electricity between exam period and results, you are unlikely to have missed the return of Daft Punk. Their collaboration with Pharell has been undoubtedly the most popular song of 2013.

2.     Avicii – WAKE ME UP

Avicii’s collaboration with Aloe Blacc has been the biggest competition to Daft Punk’s extraordinary comeback. Staying at the top of the charts for three weeks, and selling well over five hundred thousand copies, it is safe to say you will be hearing this.


Ever since this was released in 2011, Nottingham DJ’s have taken this in, chewed it up, but still haven’t spat it out. They have put it on their most loved list, promoted it to the best of their ability and overplayed it more than you can imagine. Whether you like the X Factor band or not, these lyrics are annoyingly catchy so you’ll be singing along every time.


4.      Nicki Minaj – STARSHIPS

Nicki Minaj plays a similar role to the 1D boys, and with this single she has become a household favourite on the Nottingham decks. Although far from new, prepare to squeal along to the unnaturally high chorus.

5.      Icona Pop – I LOVE IT

We love it.

6.     Psy – GANGNAM STYLE

This song is like Marmite, only it’s no Icona Pop tune. You may dislike it now, but after a week of shots and shooters, you WILL be dancing along. Grab your sunglasses and perfect your pony.

7.      The Neighbourhood – SWEATER WEATHER

This song has been a hit in America, and if you haven’t heard it, it’s one to check out. Head along to Rescue Rooms if you’re looking for more Indie/Alternative hits like this.



Image Courtesy: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer


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