Changes to UoN Gym

The Students’ Union is pushing for a review of gym membership at the University’s fitness centres.

Athletic Union officer Tom Hicks is working in partnership with the University to undertake a full review of gym membership following student campaigns posted on the “Change It” website.

The campaigns suggested two changes: memberships that could be paid per term rather than for the whole year, meaning students who go home during holidays are not left out of pocket; and the option of a “gym only” membership, in contrast to the current memberships which include sports facilities and reduced prices for fitness classes, which some students feel are too expensive.

The initial campaigns were taken through to the All Student vote last year where the majority voted in favour of the changes.

Tom explains, “The students initiated the review and we are now looking at ways to offer more flexibility. The University is open to the changes. I’m currently researching what other universities offer to try and come up with the best options. I am going to propose a trial run for new memberships next year.”

The termly and gym only memberships are among the proposals Tom is pitching to the University, as well as offering access to the gym at off-peak times.

UoN gym membership should be significantly cheaper if not free

Students appear to welcome the proposed changes.

Joe Patch, a second year, says of termly gym fees, “It makes sense for people who might not be able to commit. It could give people the option to try something for the first term without having to pay loads if they don’t want to carry on.”

Charlotte, a final year, adds, “Gyms are notoriously expensive, particularly for students who walk everywhere anyway! I think if the fees were cheaper, and you could pick and choose what you wanted to join, like just the swimming pool, it would be better.”

With some “Change It” users posting on the forum that UoN gym membership should be significantly cheaper if not free, Tom reassures students that money from memberships is reinvested into the university’s sports programs and facilities, such as the new 100 station gym set to open on the Jubilee campus next year.

He explains that co800px-Highgrove_Gymnsultations are on-going, but he plans to keep students involved throughout the process.

“A Dream scenario would be to bring in the changes next year, but I can’t guarantee anything at this stage.”

Millie Cepelak

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