Don’t Hate, Procrastinate! #1

Description: Don’t waste your time when you’re wasting time! This  Procrastination Pack is your weekly dose of internet, in which we find the best things to do when you should be writing an essay/in a seminar/having a shower.

Directions for use:  One pack weekly. Do not leave in direct sunlight. Links are in the titles.

May contain: Oblivious hipsters, death defying goats and nuclear bombs.


Accidental Chinese Hipsters

1235298_147142175496764_642683468_n (Custom)

Ok, so with nearly 100,000 likes on Facebook, there’s a high chance you might have heard of this one, but I think it deserves a special mention. As the name suggests, this page hosts a mighty collection of snappily dressed inhabitants from the home of the world’s fastest growing economy.

954810_147549132122735_705645537_n (Custom)

Repetitive? Yes. Exploitative? Probably. Hilarious? Definitely.

Whilst we’re on the accidental hipster hype, I’d recommend this tumblr: HIPSTERMERKEL in which everyone’s favourite German politician is ruthlessly hipsterfied over and over again. Brilliant.

Angela Merkel auf Borkum



These Goats Give No Shits  

Goats-in-precarious-positions-03-634x475 (Custom)
13 pictures of goats being absolute nutters  and defying gravity/common sense. I suppose they don’t call them mountain goats for nothing. Rumours of a film starring James Franco as a goat who successfully climbs a mountain in 127 minutes yet to be confirmed.

Goats-in-precarious-positions-11 (Custom)


IKEA or Death  

IKEA_or_DEATH_avatar (Custom)
Seriously, who makes this shit up? Take this quick quiz and test your knowledge of Death Metal bands and Swedish furniture. Does “ABSU” sound like a nice stainless steel towel rack, or an extreme-metal band from Texas? I know you were wondering. Try and beat my score of 13/20.

ikea (Custom)


Bad Lip Reading

got (Custom)

Another internet staple that’s been around for a while, Bad Lip Reading take everyone’s favourite film and TV and re-dub the actor’s voices with hilarious consequences. They bounced back onto the internet recently with this GENIUS re-imagining of Game of Thrones. I don’t even watch that show and I was in fucking stitches.

When that’s done, you’ve got plenty more to watch, including their take on Twilight, The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games.

bella (Custom)



Nuke Map 

nuke (Custom) (2)
Ever wondered how fucked up your home town would have been if the US had accidentally dropped the Hiroshima nuclear bomb on it? Well wonder no more, thanks to this genius website which uses Google Maps to clearly map the level of destruction your bomb of choice would wreak.

Morbidly fascinating stuff. Let’s hope that 100 megaton bomb designed by the USSR stays on paper.

nuke again (Custom)

Alex Mawby

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