Five Types of People you see at Hall Breakfasts



The hall breakfast. The food might not be great, but this is a hall event not to be missed. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a hall social and the next morning is better than ever. Everyone expects a certain amount of craziness at breakfast, but maybe you’ve seen something even better? A sight at 9am that made having to be up that early completely worth it. Here is a selection of Ancaster Hall’s finest…

1. The One… who had the crazy night



Why a dalmation, I hear you ask? And why does he have his nails painted? This was at midday, and Rosh’s recollection of the night was as follows:

“Me and Matt, walking around the lake. Girls with facepaints. Got back to my room at 8.30am. Didn’t see much point in going to sleep”

… or washing his face it seems. #whatanight


2. The One… in the Onesie



Adam didn’t even make it down to breakfast the day we caught him in the corridor. He was returning to his room to eat these Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. As anyone in Ancaster will confirm, Adam never wears clothes. He is ALWAYS in that onesie. Soon we’ll be able to smell him at breakfast, even if we can’t see him…


3. The One… who might not even make it to breakfast

george 3


I think you’ll agree that George defines “rough” in this picture. Traces of an unexplained nose-bleed on his face coupled with the previous night’s clothes make for an attractive sight at 11am. He did eventually make it to brunch, but the daylight made this image even more horrific, so be thankful you’ve only had to see this.


4. The One… who doesn’t even go here



You know the one – usually the boyfriend/girlfriend of one of your hall mates. Easily recognisable by their lack of a sense of direction in the dining hall, and their poor choices – only legitimate UoN catered students know that the egg, whether scrambled, fried or hard boiled, is too disgusting to even describe. They are often accompanied by a member of the opposite sex who you vaguely recognise from another corridor, and look like they didn’t get much sleep.

It’s not obvious in the photo above, but these two are Law students at the University of Leicester. They brought their toast back to their friend’s room to eat in shame, after they got some seriously dirty looks at breakfast – students tend to get a bit defensive of their territory. Non-UoN students, otherwise known as ‘others’, are greeted with hostility in Ancaster Hall, and don’t even mention those Cavendish ones…


5. The One… who IS a breakfast person!



The moral of this story? You never know what you might encounter.

Beth Rowland 

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