Houses Evacuated in Lenton Gas Leak

A gas leak in Lenton on Saturday evening led to two houses being evacuated.

Parts of Derby Road were closed off and the police and fire services were in attendance. Many students said they could smell gas strongly on the street and some lost power in their homes.

Student Antonia Hodges told Impact that the power in her house went out at 8.30pm. She was evacuated at 11.00pm, whilst her neighbour’s house was broken into by firemen.

At first, Antonia said, communication was bad and she and her housemates were not informed of what was going on. They used candles when their lights went out as they believed that the problem was merely a power cut.

They were evacuated for about three hours and all students were able to return to their properties by 3.00am.

“When we went back there were four fire engines in the street, and they were drilling all night,” Antonia said.

A spokesperson for the National Grid told Impact that the leak was caused by an electrical cable that had shorted, damaging the nearby plastic gas pipe. National Grid engineers had to wait for the local electricity company to come out and switch off the supply before they were able to stop the gas escape and do a temporary repair.

Workers on Rolleston Drive informed Impact that work on the electrics was on-going and that they expected to complete repairs tomorrow.

If anyone smells gas, either inside or outside a property, they should call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Ella Funge



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